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Much like the Queen, Colnago has two birthdays and this year the C60 is the present. The first has been celebrated every year since the birth of the man, Ernesto, in 1932; the second every year since the birth of the brand, in Cambiago, Italy, in 1954. And like all birthdays, the occasion is marked with gifts.

In 1989, 35 years after Colnago was founded, it was the C35, its first production carbon fibre frameset designed in conjunction with Ferrari.

In 1994 it was the C40, which claimed five Paris-Roubaix wins over the next seven years. In 2012 it was the turn of the C59 ‘Ottanta’ – or 80 in Italian – to celebrate Ernesto’s octogenarian year.

Now, in 2014, it’s the time of the C60, which, you’ve guessed it, coincides with Colnago’s 60th year in the bicycle business.

Of course eagle-eyed readers might well ask, ‘What of the C50?’ While it did replace the C40 it was actually officially released in 2003, so in the words of Colnago it ‘lost a chronological sequence in the name.’

Bottom Bracket

‘The bottom bracket is probably the heart of this project,’ explains Fumagalli. ‘Making it bigger was essential to being able to use wider tubes, but that meant we’d have to sacrifice our beloved and problem-free threaded BB [since standard threaded BB shells are not wide enough to support the extra tube width].

‘So we ended up inventing a new BB “standard”, our ThreadFit82.5.’

This leads to the objection that we don’t need yet another BB standard (currently there are eight), but Colnago insists it’s justified.

As the company sees it, the problem with current press-fit BB options is that their tolerance fit makes them susceptible to wear that can lead to anything from annoying creaks to outright frame-binning.

Replaceable cups are preferable, but up until now have meant external threaded items, which can’t provide structural support to tubes. By making its cups internal but threaded – in other words, replaceable – Colnago has achieved the BB shell width necessary to support the C60’s tubes while proofing the frame against longer-term failure.

Which, when the C60 frameset is a penny shy of £3.5k, makes it worthwhile.


The Colnago C60 is so good it might be the last bike you’ll ever need, assuming you never need to change the bottom bracket.

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