Novinky na blogu cyklo nálepky

The fans of the Swedish POC brand should not miss on the new aerohelmet Ventral SPIN. It provides an alternative to the current model Octal Aero, yet works on a completely different principal. Next to the excellent aerodynamics, great ventilation should be ensured.

The actual aerodynamical model Octal Aero was created by a simple overlap of the majority of vents at the Octal model by the shell. It profits from the smooth surface that is easily, with zero turbulence flown around by the running air. The downside of such constructions is, mildly put, the imperfect venting. And for that reason, POC has introduced their novelty Ventral SPIN, that reduces the air resistance by leaving it flow throughout the helmet, round the head. The rider is then comfortably cooled down, furthermore the inner rims in the helmet are according to the producer shaped in such a way to be able to exploit the Venturi effect for the sake of speed. It is obvious that not only the formation of vents and ventilation ‘tunnels’ were the subject of interest, but that the overall shape of the helmet, the rear edge in particular, is optimized as based on computer simulations and testing.

Part of the novelty label is SPIN technology (Shearing Pad Inside). It is an equivalent of the more famous MIPS system (Multi-Directional Impact Protection System) which is constructed in order to avert the results of rotatory forces in case of fall. A cyclist obviously doesn’t usually fall squarely on the ground but falls down in the motion so in the moment of the contact of head with base, a torque force is created, trying to bend the head. This energy is partly transferred on brain and may then cause its damage. POC believe that with using the special ‘protrusions’ inside of the helmet, a small move of the helmet towards the head will happen and exactly this move will manage to capture the major part of the rotatory force.

The rest of the particularities sound relatively plain: height adjustable ratchet with a wheel; light, easily adjustable chin straps; vents with anti-slippery treating for goggles; seven colour variations and weight of 248g in M size. Considering the standards of the brand, the price is not surprising then – POC put on their Ventral SPIN a price tag of exact 300 euro.

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