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The Bike & Triatlon Team Libochovice is a group of fantastic people and cyclists. I’ve known some of them for a darn time and like every IronMan, they are a tad crazy. What is just awesome is that they do this sport for fun (and giggles) and because it simply gives them blast. They are no professional cyclists (they train and race in their spare time after work) yet they do not lack the desire to race by any means. These guys give everything their best with not giving a damn about the weather. The sun can be shining, cats and dogs be raining and they just go for it.

It makes us nothing but happy to be their Santa Claus and bring them joy aka endow the whole team with name stickers for bikes. It will surely bring them all the success and hopefully put them on the victory stand as well.

The guys and girls from LIBO team made us a promise to send us some pictures of them using the bike decals.

Thank you so much, LIBO. 🙂

PS: Also, thanks for the invite to your Libochovice race next year. We will surely meet in the VIP zone 🙂

A lot of bike stickers :-)

Triatlon team Libochovice bike stickers


Last year's final ride

Bike triatlon team libochovice, name stickers for bikes blog

Triatlon Libochovice bike decal

Looking good. Nice jerseys…