Really beautiful bike

BMC’s new flagship Teammachine SLR01 racer is here, the end product of a process that saw BMC go through 52,000 different iterations before it was happy with the finished product.

That’s right. BMC engineers, with the help of some intellectual institution bods and a Swiss supercomputer, say they have gone through a mind-bending 52,000 virtual design iterations based around 247 parameters to create the company’s new standard bearer, the Teammachine SLR01.

Some people might find it suspicious that it took precisely 52,000 iterations (which would suggest this bike is therefore number 52,001), others will just marvel at a company that’s gone to such lengths.

And indeed it had to. As BMC engineer Tobias Habegger puts it, ‘It’s hard to make the best better.’

This is really beautiful and high performance bike and price?

Only: 7.000 pounds! 🙂

And we would add our white sticker 🙂